Akshat Parihar Brand Ambassador - Starshine Brands

Akshat Parihar, hailing from Rajasthan and is a globally recognized Celebrity Chef known for his culinary prowess and innovation. With extensive experience collaborating with top chefs, he has mastered over 18 cuisines, showcasing his versatility. Akshat gained prominence as the first to introduce Exquisite Savoury Mousse Cocktails, earning him widespread acclaim. Bestowed with the title of “Molecular Gastronomic,” he seamlessly blends international flavors with his unique touch. His dishes are renowned for their visually stunning presentations, combining traditional and contemporary techniques. Despite his global success, Akshat remains committed to promoting Indian cuisine, infusing it with modern twists. His professionalism and collaborative nature have earned him partnerships with prestigious brands worldwide, cementing his reputation as a culinary trailblazer. Akshat’s dedication to pushing culinary boundaries and his passion for creating memorable dining experiences continue to inspire chefs and food enthusiasts globally.